Blua® waters reaches the market

 The Blua® brand has already been officially launched in the market. The Blua® water crosses the calcareous outcrops that shape the region of the Cezaredas Plateau, and in its natural route from kilometers to the point of collection, it gains qualities that make it special – something that, in the whole process of human intervention, is not minimally affected.

100% Portuguese, benefiting from the richest quality that national water has to offer – namely in the mineralization of about 1,100 mg / liter -, Blua® is already on the market with a range of smooth bottled water in three formats: 0.33L; 0.50L; and 1.50L.

For the foreseeable future, other options, such as sparkling water, are also planned.

Blua® is a registered trademark of Aktiva Group.

About Blua®:

Blua® natural mineral water originates from the Cezaredas Plateau, about 70 kilometers from Lisbon. It is there, between the limestone outcrops that shape the region and its natural route of kilometers to the collection point when it comes to the surface, that our water gains its innate qualities that make it extremely advisable for consumption.

About Aktiva Ngb:

Aktiva was founded in 2014, by joining companies that were already developing their activities in our various areas of activity. It was in 1994 that the first of the activities – in the area of ​​commerce – was born, which, twenty years later, was to join with others to give place to the Aktiva Group. Still in the 90’s, other activities appeared in new areas of business, namely in real estate investments and in the acquisition of insolvent companies.

Today, Aktiva has three main business areas, namely: Judicial Sales; a Buy / Sell and Real Estate; and Trading, in addition to being responsible for the Blua® brand

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