The Origin

Blua natural mineral water originates from the Cezaredas Plateau, about 70 kilometers from Lisbon. It is there, between the limestone outcrops that shape the region and its natural route to the extraction point – when it comes to the surface – that Blua gains its innate qualities that make it extremely suitable for consumption.

The Collection

If it is the nature that gives the natural mineral water Blua its desirable characteristics and extremely suitable for consumption, it is up to us, during the process of human intervention, not to impact on its quality. It is for this purpose that, throughout the collection and bottling process, we promote strict microbiological control, thus guaranteeing all quality standards.

Water and collection characteristics

Portuguese natural mineral water is internationally recognized for its superior quality. With Blua, we just don’t take advantage of that gift. Every step of the process Blua undergoes adds value to the product itself, preserving the most important characteristics for you to enjoy.

Blua water has a mineralization of around 1,100 mg / liter, due the fact of a unique contact with rocks of differentiated chemical characteristics, which enhances its quality and makes it particularly suitable for consumption